Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1st Post!

So here's my attempt to keep folks updated on my pregnancy and also
keeping the blog as a record for us as well. Nick and I went to our
first appointment today at the perinatal center at Wright-Patterson
AFB hospital. The appointment was not all that exciting - just mostly
family history surveys and such. If the nurse looked at Nick one more
time while she mentions 'domestic abuse' I would have started to get a
bit upset. I understand that the questions are generalized but I
would hope women who do need help can get the help they need and
seriously, I got the hint the second time - and no, my husband doesn't
beat me.

Other than that I was hoping for an ultrasound since I've read that a
heartbeat can be picked up as early as 6 weeks of gestational age -
Nick thinks that may be the case at civilian hospitals where they'll
get to charge patients more, but sadly, not at military hospitals. Oh
well, I have another appointment on the 4th, so I'm hoping to get an
ultrasound then.

Our nursery is finished with the help of our good friend Mark. Don't
worry, we painted with latex paint and I cracked the window. Nick
bought a huge sheet of really cute jungle animal fatheads and they
look ultra cute in the baby room. We also bought a crib and a dresser
so we're starting off with the essentials. I figured we still have
plenty of time to get things so I'm not in a huge hurry.

I am already thinking about what meals to make ahead of time so we
won't have to worry about food for at least a week or two after the
baby is born - I know, that's just the cook in me! Another great news
- my family came to visit for Christmas and we had a great time. My
parents are thinking of giving us their '03 Honda Odyssey so I'm
really excited about the prospect of that. Nick refuses to drive a
van but I told him I'd drive it. He did agree, however, to drive it
occasionally on family outings. We have been debating on buying a
semi-used SUV since I drive an extended-cab truck that doesn't have a
bench seat in the back and mostly likely cannot hold a baby/baby seat
safely and Nick has his 4 door car. But we don't want to play the
shuffle game with both of us working. After buying Nick's car this
year and also a motorcycle for him we really don't have the funds
immediately to buy a SUV and this would solve a big problem especially
since we also have two big Golden Retrievers too. A medium SUV would
still be cramped on road trips with even one baby and I don't really
want a huge SUV to lug around as a daily driver - not to mention the
gas money! We'll probably still give our parents some money for their
van because I just wouldn't feel right taking something for free.

It's getting late and I still get tired frequently. I think we may
lay in bed and watch some Big Bang Theory and head to bed.

Good night!