Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nick and V Photography!

As some of you know, Nick and I have been interested, learning, an
d shooting photos for a long time. Nick has about 10+ years of experience and I have about 3 in photography. Collectively, we have taken pictures in still-life, dogs, landscape, head shots, engagement photos, weddings, and now with the arrival of our little one: lots of pictures of our baby girl.

With the hefty price tags of upgrading equipment (camera, lens, lights, studio-set up, etc) we have decided to launch our small business specializing in Newborn and Kids Photography. We're not really in it to make a large profit, it's more to find a venue for funding so we can afford new and better equipment.

So if you know of any newborns and small kids in the Dayton, OH area we'd love to take pics fairly cheaply as we keep building our portfolio. We'll still take pictures in other categories but we're focusing our energies on capturing little ones right now. Here's our website, although it still needs work, it'll be where we post more pictures of our work in the future:

Speaking of pictures, here are some of the latest ones...enjoy!

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