Thursday, August 18, 2011

Watering the flowers...

The last twenty-four hours have been a blur. I was mostly laid up in bed with a case of beginning mastitis. :-( I was hoping to avoid this but when I could hardly get out of bed this morning I knew something wasn't right. I called the hospital and was told to come in. I was prescribed antibiotics to start treating the infection right away. I hate taking medicine but in this case I need to get better so I can take care of Olivia. Plus I read that the earlier it's treated the better it'll be. I'd say nursing is tough, anyone who says otherwise is simply not giving accurate information! But since breast milk is best I'm determined to keep going with this...

So as I start to feel better hopefully, we are still moving forward with more photo-shoots of our little girl. This one is so incredibly cute I had to share pronto!


  1. Are you doing cloth diapers? Those look like "Fuzzi Bunz" that I bought for Michael!

  2. Em! Yes, those are Fuzzibunz! I like them so far and they came highly recommended. Although I also have G diapers and Bumgenius to try, they're just too big for her right now. So you're doing cloth too? I'm excited for you! Aimee's also cloth diapering her little boy as well, she really likes the Bumgenius diapers. So...any day now huh? So excited for you - hugs!